Lightspeed zulu 3 tso

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Bose A20 vs Lightspeed Zulu 3 Review

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The Lightspeed Zulu headset has been a pilot favorite for years, offering an unbeatable mix of performance and value. Includes carrying case, cell phone and music patch cords, cord clips, two AA batteries and foam windscreen for the microphone.

More comfort New, contoured ear seals are designed to hug the curve of the jaw, reducing side pressure to get a more natural fit for more comfort and stability. Plus, a taller head pad option is included free, which ensures maximum comfort and performance on smaller head shapes. More durability Zulu 3 is outfitted with new cables built around a Kevlar core, which are stronger, lighter, and more flexible than standard cables.

The more durable cables complement the other premium materials used in the rest of the headset construction, including the magnesium cups, sliders, and the stainless steel headband. More support Zulu 3 is backed by a 7-year warranty, the best in aviation. Great for student pilots, instrument pilots or anyone who wants a digital copilot.

Famous for bringing new features to the aviation market, Lightspeed was the first aviation headset company to offer intercom priority, automatic ANR shut-off and integrated Bluetooth cell phone and music. Their innovation continues today, with a host of features exclusive to Lightspeed headsets. A wireless headset, a firmware-upgradeable headset and app integration with a headset are just a few of the exclusive features you will find only in Lightspeed headsets.

Dollar for dollar, Lightspeed products offer higher performance and more features than any other headset on the market. Your investment in a Lightspeed product yields returns that will exceed your expectations. It also means engaging with thousands of customers every year —— in person —— to understand how and why they fly and doing their part to help the aviation community thrive.

Lightspeed understands every pilot, plane and mission is different, and offers a full line of premium headsets so pilots may choose which suits them best. I love the Bluetooth audio for long cross countries since I can wirelessly pair my iPhone, and the stainless steel headband will last forever. Plus: Solid construction, with stainless steel headband Plus: Bluetooth phone and audio connections Minus: Slightly heavier than some other models.

Most headsets come in multiple cable configurations. Choosing the right one is pretty easy, it just depends on what type of aircraft you fly:. Want to trade in your current headset for a new Lightspeed? Here are the details.

The Zulu 2 to Zulu 3 Conversion Program

Plus: Solid construction, with stainless steel headband.We often hear this question from pilots that are considering a new headset. When authorized to manufacture a material, part, or appliances to a TSO standard, this is referred to as TSO authorization. Receiving a TSO authorization is both design and production approval.

Receiving a TSO Authorization is not an approval to install and use the article in the aircraft. It means that the article meets the specific TSO and the applicant is authorized to manufacture it. The authorization pertains to design and production approval. If you fly for an employer with an operations manual that has this requirement it is important to understand the language in the manual and abide by it.

As one of the industry leading brands in premium active noise reduction headsets, Lightspeed has chosen not to pursue the TSO authorization. All Lightspeed headsets are tested to FCC and CE certifications, internal environmental standards, Apple MFi program standards if requiredand meet performance requirements of the FAA to be used in any civil aircraft.

A Lightspeed headset will perform exactly the same as any TSO headset in emergency situations. For example, if the batteries die during flight, there will still be uninterrupted communication fail safe mode.

If there is a complete power failure in the aircraft, the Bluetooth feature will enable you to use a cellular or satellite phone to contact ATC — depending on which you have on board. Having said that, you may still find yourself buying a TSO headset from one of our competitors because your employer mandates it. We understand that and there are some good options to consider if that is the case.

Absent a mandate from your employer, you are free to select the headset that best meets your needs without regard to the TSO. Another common misconception is that a TSO authorization implies a higher level of quality. The standard that is more applicable in guaranteeing quality is the ISO standard. Lightspeed rigorously maintains this standard. For design, production, and all other business processes, Lightspeed is an ISO certified company.

Maintaining this certification requires annual internal and external audits to a very stringent and specific set of international guidelines.We are often asked by pilots, what is the difference between the Zulu 3 and the Bose A We know that this is an important choice to have to make, because both represent the very best in pilot headsets currently available in the market.

Both headsets are very quiet and very clear. The Zulu 3 has better low frequency attenuation while the A has some advantage in the mid frequencies. The fidelity of the communications is excellent in both headsets for ATC and both provide very high music fidelity.

While the timbre may be slightly different between the two, they both deliver clear communication. The microphone noise cancellation is very much industry standard on both headsets…actually ALL headsets now use electret noise canceling capability.

lightspeed zulu 3 tso

Controls and features are virtually identical in both functions and form. There are specific design details that allow the Zulu to deliver greater comfort.

lightspeed zulu 3 tso

The Zulu has a very low profile, designed to naturally contour to your head. Construction is another key difference. The Zulu has an elegant design with enduring materials. It has an all-metal construction with magnesium cups and sliders, with a stainless steel head band.

Lightspeed Zulu 3 I Mein Aviation Headset I Bose vs Lightspeed - Fliegen lernen // EP004

The Zulu 3 offers a seven year warranty, compared to the standard 5-year with Bose. Another key difference is simply the companies themselves.

Lightspeed is much smaller and more nimble, with a caring team that focuses solely on general aviation. Our focus is on pilots…with products designed BY pilots. Because of that, we know more about what pilots need today and how to anticipate what pilots will need in the future. Our small size allows us to drive innovation years before Bose ultimately delivers a product that catches up.

How about TSO? The Bose headset is TSO certified. But what does that actually mean? Fundamentally, TSO is not something relating to product quality, but rather a measure of required certification in certain FAA approved aircraft. It is possibly required if you are flying in a career job for certain airlines in a commercial jet.

Does TSO Matter for headsets?

Does this post help clear things up for you? Let us know your thoughts and questions by commenting below. Lightspeed Aviation is a leading manufacturer of premium aviation headsets.

This has earned Lightspeed a loyal customer following among professional, commercial, and private pilots. Lightspeed also creates shared values with both employees and customers by generously participating in corporate charity matching programs and through its funding of the Lightspeed Aviation Foundation, which supports growth and compassion-related causes with an aviation focus.

For many pilots, a headset becomes a close and dependable friend. It can be very difficult to part with the equipment that we rely on for the communications and auditory protection that keeps us secure Read more.

Great write up. I just had to purchase a 2nd headset for my wife. Everyone was telling me to try the Bose A20s. At the end of the day, I agree with your assessment above — didnt make sense to spend that much more and not get any additional value. I love the product! I Love mine! I have one if each and they are both very good.Zulu 3 is designed for the discerning pilot looking to invest in a high quality ANR aviation headset built for longevity and with unsurpassed attention to comfort details.

Legendary Lightspeed comfort and durability have earned the loyalty of private pilots, too. Performance ear seals, sturdy cables built around a Kevlar core, an industry-best 7-year warranty, make Zulu 3 the most enduring headset Lightspeed has ever assembled. With full Bluetooth integration, enjoy excellent call clarity, music fidelity, and wireless access to critical audio alerts from aviation apps on mobile devices. Please log in to your Lightspeed account to register your headset. By registering, you can view your order and service history, request support, and update your information.

You will also receive an invitation to sign up to receive important updates, offers, and event invitations. FlightLink-compatible headsets can be registered via the free FlightLink in-cockpit recording app for Apple iPads and iPhones. Registering your headset via FlightLink requires that you locate the serial number and manually input it into the registration form.

Free shipping is only available within the United States. For further details about our Shipping Policyclick here. If you have any questions, please contact us at service lightspeedaviation. I have been flying with a Headsets Inc. ANR headset for years and found for the price it was an excellent headset. When one of my students asked to buy it from me I decided to make the jump to a high end headset. I ended up buying the Zulu 3. After flying with the Zulu for several months I got an opportunity to use a Bose while flying my friends C In my opinion they both have the same high quality noise canceling, but the Zulu is more comfortable on long trips, and cost a couple hundred dollars less.

I am happy with my purchase of my Zulu 3s. Doug H — November 21, Started out as a Zulu 2 and took advantage of the Zulu 3 upgrade. They are so comfortable. Battery life is almost hard to believe. I got these while I was a student pilot because I wanted the best.

When I bought my plane it actually came with a set of Bose. I compared them on my 1st flight. My passenger gets the Bose….

The Zulu is much more comfortable to me.

lightspeed zulu 3 tso

Ashley M — April 6, I love the Zulu line and the Zulu 3 is my favorite. Lightspeed always wins! Great sound, clear communications, best comfort. I just started my flight training and decided to go all in and purchase this headset. They have very large ear seals with lots of space inside and proper clamping force distribution. I used it for 1. After a very short time you can feel the speaker pressing against your ear, which for me is a very big drawback.

A comfortable headset is one which has sufficient padding and ear space inside the ear cup to prevent direct contact of the speaker on the ear. The lightspeed has plenty of space and allows your ear to rest comfortably inside with only the pillow like ear seals resting on your head. Sound clarity is excellent on the zulu and communications are perfect.Fuel your purpose with our industry-leading headsets, renowned for superior quiet, comfort, and quality. The Zulu 3 premium aviation headset has the legendary Lightspeed comfort and durability private and professional pilots have come to expect.

Zulu 3, your reliable flight companion. Pilots rely on their aviation headsets to stay connected and focused in the cockpit. All new Lightspeed models are covered by a day money back guarantee and our extensive warranty. Our knowledgeable team of experts is ready to help if you bought your first Lightspeed headset in the last decade or in the last week. No matter how old and well-loved your Lightspeed product is, we stand by our craftsmanship and will do all we can to support you and your passion for flying.

Flying long days in a high-task environment and sometimes chaotic airspace requires reliability, comfort, and clarity. My Lightspeed delivers every day. My LightSpeed headsets have always performed flawlessly and have given me years of trouble free service. LOVE my new Lightspeed headset! We design and manufacture technologically advanced Active Noise Reduction ANR aviation headsets engineered to provide you the quietest possible environment, unparalleled comfort and crystal clear communications, making your flights safer and more enjoyable.

Quiet and comfortable, our premium headsets are built with the most advanced ANR technology, are designed to endure the harshest flying environments, and last for years to come. Best of all, our most preferred, most awarded line of products is competitively priced. Our highly trained in-house customer service team deeply understands our products and technologies, ensuring that their help comes with real-world experience.

lightspeed zulu 3 tso

They are empowered and passionate about helping you keep your Lightspeed device performing at its best. We operate with a simple strategy: know your customer well and remain committed to expanding performance. Our dedicated staff works together daily at our headquarters in Lake Oswego, Oregon in support of this mission.

Everything we do has a personal touch. Lightspeed Aviation, the leader in wearable ANR technology for pilots, operates with a simple strategy: know your customer well and remain committed to relentless product evolution. At Lightspeed, everything we do is in service to our customer and our products push performance to the edge of technological possibilities. Free shipping in the U.Bose already has a reputation for high-quality audio equipment, but how does their A20 Aviation Headset measure up?

Owners report that the A20 dramatically reduces engine noise so that communication with the control tower is clear and easy to understand. This feature will protect your hearing over the long run. The next critical point is comfort. Owners that review the A20 comment that the headset is very comfortable even on long flights. Bose advertises the A20 as having a third less clamping force than regular headsets.

They only weigh 12 ounces, so they feel lightweight. Third, the A20 operate on two AA batteries that should last up to 40 hours of use. The plug on the cable is compatible with most private and commercial aircraft. With the Bluetooth module, you can listen to music while you fly and not miss a single communication or phone call. The module lets you prioritize how your headset responds when you happen to listen to music and need to communicate at the same time.

You can set it to mute the music entirely or choose only to lower the volume instead. Then each time you talk to the ATC, it will automatically perform that action. And the built-in active equalizer keeps all the sound you hear clear and crisp.

Finally, you can connect the microphone to either the right or the left ear cup. The Lightspeed Zulu 3 goes head to head with its competitor, the A20 from Bose. It has an upgraded design from the prior model, the Zulu 2. For example, the ear cups are titanium with larger, angled ear pads for a better fit on your ears. One owner who has experience with both the Zulu 2 and now the 3 reported that the 3 feels snug but very comfortable.

The Zulu 3 comes with Bluetooth audio, a handy addition that lets you use your cell phone to make calls or listen to music. On iOS devices, you can set the app to operate in the background while you open and use other apps, too. Both are comfortable for long flights, both have Bluetooth, and both have clear audio.

But you may prefer the Bose A20 if you prefer a higher level of customization with regards to microphone placement, or if you want your music to mute or drop in volume automatically while you communicate. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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How does the Lightspeed Zulu 3 compare to the Bose A20?

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